Diffuser Bracelet & Oil Blend Combo

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Diffuser with Spray….Reg 40.00 SALE 35.00

  1. Sunshine and Happiness Spray with a Citrine Diffuser Bracelet: Citrine is known as the cheerful stone, it brings light and happiness to the wearer. Black Lava is a stone of strength and clarity, together this bracelet encourages the wearer to a positive and clear outlook. This Chakra spray has been specifically selected for this bracelet to promote optimism and happiness.
  2. Chakra and Lava bracelet with Balance and Grounding Spray: Full of color and life this bracelet combination is perfect for everyday. The bracelet balances all chakras and the spray can be added to the lava beads prior to wearing to encourage feelings of harmony to the mind and body while balancing emotions.
  3.  Acceptance, Love and Peace with Peaceful Spray: Lepidolite is a stone of peace, love and acceptance with strong relaxing and calming effects. Paired beautifully with grey agate to encourage balance and black lava for strength and clarity. The peaceful spray can be added to the lava prior to wearing to promote feelings of reassurance during moments of anxiety and contentment.



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Diffuser Bracelet & Blend:

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Citrine Bracelet paired with Sunshine & Happiness Spray


Chakra Bracelet with Balancing & Grounding Spray

Acceptance, Love & Peace

Acceptance, Love and Peace paired with Peaceful Spray