At Priya design co. we make every mala and tassel by hand, using only the best quality, hand selected gemstones, wood and seed beads.


Balance and grounding

Some of our favourite stones for balance and grounding are agate, jasper, obsidian, onyx, smoky quartz, hematite


Stones like amazonite, rose quartz, aquamarine, Turquoise are wonderful stones for evoking love intentions.

Bliss, cheer

Look for stones like Citrine, Amber, Yellow Calcite


For general overall healing and well being, look for stones like Amethyst, Clear crystal Quartz


Since it evokes the strength of the earth, Lava is known as the stone of stability and strength, and is a perfect choice for the person looking to root onself.

Patience and Peace, calming:

amazonite, Howlite, aquamarine,


Moonstone, Prehnite

Wooden and Seed Beads


Sandalwood is known for its calming elements and its delicate aroma. It is perfection for meditation.


Rosewood has been used for protection against negativity for centuries.

Jerusalem Olivewood:

Peace and longevity, assists with communication.

Lotus Seed

Rising above, purification, and faith

Rudraksha Seed:

Protection and healing; guidance on a journey