At Priya design co. we make every mala and tassel by hand, using only the best quality, hand selected gemstones.

Traditional Malas are eastern culture prayer beads. 

Malas in western culture have been adopted to be used during mediation or yoga.

Each Priya Mala takes approximately 4 hours to make – the mala is carefully hand tied using silk cording, and knotted between each individual bead to provide strength and durability. Every Mala is as unique as its wearer, and no two malas are the same.

Malas from Priya  are hand tied and complete with 108 beads plus marker and guru beads. The mala can be a combination of Rudraksha seed beads, Tulsi seed beads, sandalwood, rosewood, and gemstones. The 109th stone, the guru symbolizes gratitude and our connection to the divine.

Mala inspired Priya bracelets or wrist malas are either made using 27, 34 or 54 beads in a similar combination of wooden beads or gemstones. All of our handmade Malas and bracelets come in a hand made natural muslin bag with a card that explains the significance of your piece.

All priya mala jewelry is cleansed and charged using white sage or moonlight.

Learn more about the gemstones we use ~ discover their meanings, intention, and the purpose of our gemstones.


Find the perfect  Priya malas for you.

Priya Guru beads

Guru beads represent the divine teacher or the higher power. It is disrespectful to cross over the guru bead when using the mala for mediation.

Priya mala tassels

Each tassel is hand made using silk thread, and charms are supplied by local or Canadian artists.  Tassels represent our connection with mother earth and is seen as the roots of the lotus plant. Grounding the wearer and reminding him or her of their inner beauty.

How to Choose?

Mala selection can be decided based on color, gemstone, beauty and personal preference. Some will choose the Mala based on gemstone quality, intention and manifestation. Others choose the Mala based on healing properties of the gemstone. Options are endless.

So once you have your mala, how do you use it?

Start by giving your mala an intention or mantra. Once you’ve given your mala an intention you can use it during your meditation practice to keep you focused and on track.. Wear your mala around your neck or clasp it firmly in your palms as you tune in and focus on your breath.

Malas and Yoga

You can also bring your mala beads to your mat during your yoga practice as a way to focus and bring awareness to your intentions and to infuse your mala with the energy of your practice. We recommend placing your mala beads on the corner of your mat and using them as a focal point during your practice. Wearing your mala during hot yoga has been known to change the composition of the stones and could damage your mala.

If yoga and meditation aren’t really your thing, simply wearing a mala can help you feel good and manifest what you’re looking for. They can be worn daily for a more mindful and peaceful life. The healing crystals and gemstones that I use are believed to carry special and specific energetic properties that can help you attract and repel certain feelings. These malas are supportive in health and wellbeing,